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The Importance Of Home

Let's face it, most people want to live at home. They feel comfortable and secure in their own surroundings. Home is where the heart is...right?

However, When mid to late stage Alzheimer's sets in it just may not be possible.

This is something many families struggle with.

We know our aging parent wants to be in their own home and we want to make mamma happy. Or maybe you promised your spouse that you would always care for them. But the truth is it is really becoming a challenge.

No one is prepared for the issues with Alzheimer's Disease. This disease is about so much more than memory problems. Cognitive issues affect the behavior of your loved one. Problems like sundowning, anxiety and depression can make caring for someone stressful and exhausting.


Family caregivers often report being both physically and mentally exhausted and this can take a toll on their health. Sure, there are home care companies who can send someone to help but the caregiver may not understand how to deal with an Alzheimer's patient. Furthermore, the cost can become prohibitive. At $20 or more an hour the dollars can add up quick.

In the early stages you can get by with a few hours a few days a week of home care. However when you begin to need around the clock care it is time to look at other options.

Lots of Options

When you start looking you will discover there are a lot of options available. When you begin to look keep in mind that the most important thing to look for is the quality of care. How many residents does a caregiver have to take care of? 8 to 10? That could be a real problem in a facility that cares for people with Alzheimer's Disease. Someone who is is mid to late stage Alzheimer's may need a lot of individualized attention. Will the caregiver have enough time?

A Home Away From Home

At Light Heart Memory Care we are a home. Our model of care is 8 residents to a home. We eat together, we play together, pray together and we become a family.

Mosland,Operations Manager, Decorating For Fall.

Just like at your home, at Light Heart we decorate for the seasons. We know these details help our residents to feel comfortable in their new home. Here our Operations Manager, Mosland, gets one of the light Heart homes ready for fall!

Parties, Birthday Celebrations and Music all fill our days!

Light Heart Memory Care residents having fun. Birthday party and music playing.

Come and see why Light Heart Memory Care is a step above the rest. Light Heart Memory Care is here to help your loved one with moderate to severe Alzheimer's disease. We would love to give you a tour of one of our homes. Visit our Clear Lake, Webster or Pearland Home.

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