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What Do Residents Do In Memory Care Homes?

If you have never been in a memory care home or facility you may wonder about what residents do all day. Each home or facility is different but one thing a good memory care home will offer in resident engagement.

Does that mean playing bingo or going to bible study? Maybe, if that was what you did before you had dementia. A good Memory Care Home will offer a variety of activities to appeal to all kinds of interests. Some residents love bingo. While other residents find it dull or boring.

Patty Jo loved Mardi Gras. She had been very involved in Mardi Gras Balls in Louisiana. Additionally, was part of a women's Mardi Gras Krew for years! Anything to do with Mardi Gras made Patti Jo come alive! As such the staff played Music, had a King Cake party and gave all of the residents Mardi Gras beads for an annual Mardi Gras Ball! Every one has a good time but for this resident it meant the world.

When Staff Takes The Time To Get To Know Their Residents

At Light Heart Memory Care the staff takes the time to really get to know their residents.

" We have only 8 residents per care home. With 2 caregivers in each home, there is plenty of time for the caregivers to get to know their residents. We really become family." Says Pat Mack- Owner of Light Heart Memory Care.

We want to know everything about each resident. What was their life like before moving to Light Heart? Where did they live? Did they travel? Who were they in their younger years? Did they work? What kind of work did they do? What hobbies did they enjoy?

A Sense Of Purpose

Sometimes what is most comfortable to a resident with dementia is to do the activities they are familiar with. I am talking about every day activities of living our life. A homemaker may want to help the staff dust or fold towels. Allowing her to do this honors who she is as a person. It allows this resident to continue living her life they way she knows how.

Mary had been a secretary. As such she liked to file papers and help keep the office "in order". Giving Mary a small file cabinet and having papers for her to file every day gives her a sense of purpose. After all, a sense of purpose is what most people want. We all want to feel as if we are making a difference and doing our job in the world.

Recently at Light Heart Memory Care a few residents wanted to attend the staff meeting. Instead of shutting the door and having a caregiver try to distract them with a meaningless activity these residents were welcomed in to the meeting. They were treated as if they belonged there and were valued. That is the Light Heart Model of Care!

Pat Mack has been helping families make the right decisions to care for someone they love since 1997. Email Her Today for more information.

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