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5 Benefits of A Memory Care Home

If you have been taking care of a person who’s dealing with cognitive defects such as Alzheimer’s or Dementia, there comes a time when things get out of hand. Sometimes your loved one may require extra care that you can’t provide at home. When the challenges of taking care of your family member at home become overwhelming, turning to memory care services providers may be the only solution to reduce your frustrations and stress.

Although traditional assisted living centers are ideal for citizens who need specialized care, they won't do much for those suffering from memory problems. The best option is to take them to a memory care home. In this blog post, we highlight a few advantages of taking your loved one to a memory care home.

1. Specialized and Customized Care- The Cornerstone of A Memory Care Home

The best thing about taking an individual with cognitive problems to a memory care home is receiving specialized care and assistance. Rather than having generalized services for all residents, memory care homes feature structured and supervised itineraries that allow the individuals to relax and feel supported throughout their journey.

These homes create person-centered plans based on comprehensive assessments that factor the patient's needs, abilities, and history. Memory care homes don't have a one-size-fits-all approach when dealing with residents. Instead, they provide support based on individual’s unique requirements and their level of cognition. And since creating personalized cognitive support plans requires specialized skills and competencies, it’s definitely something that a typical caregiver won’t have.

2. Enhanced Safety- Smaller Is Better

When taking care of a person suffering from mental problems, you're always on your toes trying to think of what risky thing they'll do next when they get disoriented. So naturally, this creates a significant safety concern, and you always fear that something bad may happen to your loved one. However, when you check them into a memory care home, you’ll no longer have to worry about their safety. These facilities are designed to offer the most secure environment and boast round-the-clock staff in case of emergencies.

Since wandering is a common symptom for individuals suffering from memory problems, checking them into a memory care home ensures that they stay in controlled areas where they won't harm themselves or others. Additionally, being in a specialized facility means that patients don't perform tasks that are considered risky. Trained specialists help eliminate hazards, such as forgetting to turn off the taps or switch of the stove.

3. A Memory Care Home Will Focus on Engagement and Socialization

Since individuals with cognitive defects tend to get disoriented and wander around, most people lock them up to keep them safe. This can make them feel isolated and may worsen their memory loss problem or cause things like depression. One of the most significant benefits of memory care assisted living is socialization and engagement.

When in a memory care facility, patients are given a chance to interact with other residents, create meaningful relationships and participate in communal activities such as games, painting, and music. These engagements can be therapeutic and can help individuals stay healthy and vibrant.

4. Better Quality of Life

It can be extremely challenging for a home-based caregiver to keep up with their loved one in every step. However, in memory care assisted home, there are skilled and trained experts for this purpose. These specialists will make sure that residents take their medication according to prescription and at the right time. They also come with plans and schedules that reduce accidents, falls, and injuries that may lead to frequent hospital visits.

In memory care facilities, caregivers also ensure that your loved ones get proper nutrition by supplying plenty of dietary choices that resonate with their needs. They also plan activities that ensure that residents stay healthy. All these elements help improve the quality of life and go a long way to enhance or maintain stable mental functioning.

5. Outstanding Services from Highly Trained Staff

Individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia do struggle with many things and often require specialized care that experts can only provide. One of the benefits of being in a memory home care facility is the fact that you're always surrounded by a team of highly specialized nurses and team members.

This means that in case of an emergency such as convulsion, your loved one will receive first aid before they are even taken to hospital. Additionally, these facilities generally have a smaller population to ensure that the highly trained staff provide extra attention, care, and assistance to each person.

Final Verdict,

Have you been taking care of a person with memory defects? Have you placed your loved one who suffers from memory loss in traditional home care? It is time to check them in a good memory care home.

As detailed in this piece, memory care assisted living will keep your loved safe, ensure that they receive the best care, and allow them to socialize and engage with others. Memory care services provide your loved one with a comfortable and happy life.

A small Residential Care Home like Light Heart Memory Care is able to give someone with this disease the extra care and attention they need.

Light Heart Memory Care homes are specially designed for 8 residents. This gives us the ability to give personalized care to each and every resident.


to schedule a tour of Light Heart Memory Care.

In honor of our founder Pat Mack, we are carrying on the tradition of caring for our residents in "The Light Heart Way"

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