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5 Reasons To Find a Small Memory Care Home Rather Than a Large Facility

When the time comes for you to find more care for your loved one, it can be very difficult. Finding the best care will be on the top of your list. As difficult as the decision is, it has to be done.

How do you choose the best care home? Well, the first step is to find a place that can care for them the best. A memory care home is different from a nursing home or an assisted living facility.

When looking at memory care homes, smaller is often better.

5 Reasons Smaller Memory Care Homes are Better

With an aging population, the demand is on the rise for better memory care facilities.

1. Feels Like Home

A smaller memory care home feels more like a home rather than an institution or a hospital. Larger facilities don’t have the space to individualize the rooms. There will be communal areas for dining and socializing. Their rooms can be tailored to replicate their old room at home.

A warm, welcoming space can ease the troubled minds of those with memory loss. The same comforts they had at home can decrease unwanted behaviors.

Larger care facilities tend to be colorless and drab. They are noisy, crowded, and feel like a hospital or worse. It can be very difficult for someone with dementia to adjust.

2. Tailored Care

Smaller memory care homes are designed to care for people with dementia. The staff is trained to cope with all aspects of what that entails. They also have activities designed specifically for people with memory loss.

They also have all of the other services that a larger facility will provide, just on a smaller scale. Nutritious meals, constant care and supervision, and any other assistance needed.

Larger facilities may have other patients, as well. They may have other needs or diagnosis, so not in the same care arena as a person with memory loss. They may have psychotic concerns that differ from what someone else has.

3. Tailored Facilities

Many larger facilities may seem appealing, due to their many amenities. But many of them may not be suitable for someone with memory loss. A smaller memory care facility will provide the guidance and security needed.

Enclosed areas, well-defined pathways, color-coded halls or rooms, and community spaces are not needed in a smaller home. The place will feel like home with a living room, kitchen, and bedrooms. It’s vital for people who may tend to wander off to be safe and not leave the premises.

Clearly defined pathways help them find the area or rooms they want. Smaller care homes can also provide quiet spaces, crafts rooms, a family room, and social interaction.

4. One-On-One Care

Smaller facilities can provide individual attention and therapy. The staff will have a better understanding of what will stimulate and interest the person. They may be able to spend designated time with each person.

This extends to supervision, personal care, medications and therapy, and diet. People with memory loss may find great comfort in a particular food, music, or activities.

People living in a smaller care home will have a better opportunity to be individuals. Larger places often just don’t have the staff, the training, or the time.

5. Peace of Mind

As the loved one of someone who lives in a memory care home, you know they will get great care. While some of the larger facilities may look nice, it comes down to individual care.

There is no point in finding a great place with lots of amenities they will never use. Find a smaller care home that understands the needs of your family member.

You don’t need to be worried they are not eating, may have wandered off, or at risk of injury or harm. With only a handful of residents, small memory care homes become family. Larger facilities just don’t have the staff to give individual care. It’s important that you are happy, too.

Memory Care Home

Putting someone in care is difficult enough, make sure you have their best interests in mind. For someone with memory loss, the fewer obstacles they have to encounter, the better.

Memory loss is already difficult for the individual. Finding the best care and easing their stress and confusion should be number one. Small care homes are designed to keep everyone happy, safe, and functioning to their best ability.

Light Heart Memory Care homes are specially designed for 8 residents. That way if feels more like a family.

In honor of our founder Pat Mack, we are carrying on the tradition of caring for our residents in

"The Light Heart Way"


to schedule a tour of Light Heart Memory Care.

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