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COVID-19 Lockdown With Dementia

Most of us are finding our lives and routines completely changed. That can be a challenge for the best of us. But for people living with dementia, it can be unbearable. For them and the people who care for them.

For those coping with dementia, it can be lonely, isolating, and very disruptive. These feelings can lead to their dementia worsening at a faster rate. They may have come to count on a care worker that they no longer see, as well.

Caring For A Loved One At Home During The COVID-19 Lockdown?

If you are caring for a loved one with dementia at home, you will likely be quite stressed. Trying to stick to a routine may be very difficult. Plus, if there are now more people in the house all day due to COVID-19 lockdown, it can be a very confusing time for someone with dementia.

Even trying to explain the changes in routine can be a challenge. And the tight restrictions will prove to be very difficult for those with advanced dementia. If they are accustomed to going for a walk every day or out for a coffee or to the shops, it will be a lot of work to keep them home.The COVID-19 Lockdown will not be easy on anyone.

Even the necessary task of regular hand washing can be hard to implement for someone who doesn’t understand the reason behind it. While some restrictions are lifted, you can still run the risk of infection by allowing their care worker back into the home.

Some care workers may not want to return, as they won’t risk going out in public or having to travel to your home. It can be very difficult to find someone else you can trust and will fit in with your dementia patient.

COVID-19 Lockdown and Care Homes for Dementia

If you are finding it too overwhelming for you and your loved one with dementia, you may want to consider a memory care home facility. Caring for someone on your own without a break can be very stressful.

Memory care homes are trained and equipped to cope with people with dementia. They also have the capability to deal with any medical issues that may arise.

With hospitals at full capacity and being full of the coronavirus, it would be out of the question should you need to visit one for something medical. The risk of contracting COVID-19 is too high.

Loneliness is one of the biggest factors with dementia patients. If you are no longer able to have a care worker visit or have other family members around, it can be very difficult for them to cope.

Staff Around The Clock

A memory care home will have staff on around the clock and other people that they can interact with, should they choose to. There are also activities they can take part in. Because these homes are small ( 16 residents or less) the residents are still able to socialize. Unlike the large facilities where resident may have to stay in their bedroom alone.

Care facilities have been affected greatly by this virus, resulting in a lot of people getting sick. However, with strict guidelines in place, testing, and education, they are now coping much better.

You may not be able to visit them for a while but at least you know they will not be alone. They will receive the best care possible and that will come as a great relief to you and your family.

It Doesn’t Have to be Forever- COVID-19 Lockdown will not last forever.

You may be experiencing feelings of guilt and that is quite natural. But rest assured, they are going to be safe and well cared for. Once the virus is under control, you can make the decision to have them return home with you, and bring back their home care worker.

As it is unclear how long this new way of life will last. Your loved one would benefit greatly from living in a memory care facility. It will be an adjustment, but they will settle in and receive excellent care.

COVID-19 and Dementia

If your loved one with dementia had tested positive for COVID, it can be difficult to explain to them what is going on. They may not understand why they are sick, why people can’t be around them, why they are at the hospital or in care.

Even the wearing of masks may prove to be too difficult to explain and implement. If they are already living in a memory care home, they may have a difficult time being in isolation. They may also feel they have been abandoned by family members because they are unable to visit.

Call, Video Chat, Send Pictures and Videos, Cards and Special Treats

You can still call and talk to them on the phone, chat through video calling, and receive regular updates. This is a difficult time for everyone. And it will be more so for someone who doesn’t completely understand what is happening. However in a small memory care home like Light Heart Memory Care your loved one will received personalized care from a staff who knows their likes and dislikes.

It is in everyone’s best interest to consider a memory care home for your loved one with dementia. They will receive excellent care and you will be able to cope with all that you need to do.

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