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The Out Of Town Family Care Advocate- 4 Ways To Help

Caring for your aging parent or loved one is difficult. If you don’t live in the same town, it can be overwhelming. But you shouldn’t let guilt change your entire life.

If you have a family and a full-time job, you can get help looking after your elderly family member. You can also keep in touch without having to be there in person.

Aging Life Care Manager

Many people are finding great relief when needing help with an elderly relative with advocates. An advocate or life care manager can take care of all things neither you nor your aging parent can.

1. Go With Them on Appointments

If your parent has mobility issues, dementia, can’t hear or see very well, the advocate will help them. They can accompany them to doctor’s appointments, explain what is going on, and even talk to the doctor on their behalf.

And they can help your parents navigate all the medical concerns, not just the medical conditions, but forms, insurance, and more. Additionally, a life care manager will keep notes on old symptoms and are able to notice any changes.

They can also help find specialists, doctors, hospitals, and any other facilities or help they may need. Your life care manager will make the appointments and make sure she gets there.

2. Ask Questions

More importantly, they can ask the questions that mom may not be willing to or unable to. Sometimes people are unable to adequately describe the symptoms of the problems they are experiencing.

Quizzing Mom about her symptoms before the doctor's visit will help make sure the doctor answers all of the important questions. This works much better than having mom visit the doctor by herself. She may be too modest to ask certain questions or divulge some information.

The Life Care manager will also be able to replay needed information to her family. This will allow the family member in charge to make the best decisions regarding her care.

3. Expert Support and Transition To Assisted Care

Your family advocate knows what to do every step of the way. If your mom was just diagnosed with cancer or dementia, chances are, you will be lost. Your advocate will know exactly what to do next.

They can talk to everyone and explain what is going on and where you need to go next. This can help considerably, as emotions run very high at times like this.

They can also help with the transition if mom needs to move out of the family home. They have the connections, they know what will be best suited, and where to look. Of course, the final decisions will always be yours to make. But with the hard work done and expert advice available, it will be easier to make those decisions.

4. Communication

Your family life care manager is excellent with communication. They can let mom know everything she needs to know. They talk to the doctors, therapists, and to the rest of the family.

A Life Care Manager has the ability to communicate with the doctors on behalf of their patients. Likewise, they can communicate with the patient and make sure they understand everything that is happening.

They will also communicate with the family. That means you get the truth about what is going on with your parent’s health. They can let you know what happened at the doctors, and what will happen next.


Open, honest communication is vital for everyone. It can give those family members that live farther away, peace of mind. It allows you to relate your feelings, ask questions, and make suggestions to the advocate.

You should also communicate with your parents. Mom or dad should be aware that you are involved with what is happening, even when you are not there. Video chats can bring you into the room without being there.

While the advocate is a professional, they don’t take the place of family. It’s important that mom can see you, be reassured by you, and let her tell you what is happening. She may not be frank with the advocate.

She may have fears or concerns that she is not as open or honest about with the advocate. If you keep in constant contact with mom, you can share her concerns with her life care manager.

Communication is key for making sure that mom receives the best care possible. It can be difficult not to be there for both of you. Hearing from the advocate will give you the professional side. Talking to mom will give you the personal side.

Video calls as often as possible will make mom not feel so alone. Get your other siblings or family members on board, as well. It’s important you hear how your parents are feeling from them directly.

Hiring a life care manager can be a great way to know that your loved one is taken care of. If you can’t be there, it will relieve a lot of worry and stress. An advocate is professional and can handle everything that needs to be done to ensure mom gets the best care possible.

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